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An outstanding guide for exceptional Lalibela churches

It was our friend who recommended us to book in advance our Lalibela tour guide Sefiw through his email address. We were impressed when we were told sefiw’s educational back ground (B.A in Economics and M.A in Tourism Development) and could not wait to learn about Lalibela rock hewn churches and his country from him in person. We had excellent communication through his email and everything was sorted out and arranged even before we arrive at lalibela Airport. He waited us at Airport and   took us immediately to visit the churches and attend the fascinating chanting in one of the lalibela churches without spending time to discuss to organize the tour. So he made us to use our time more effectively and efficiently than we were originally thought. His extraordinary knowledge in History, Culture, architecture, Costume, religion, and different species of birds is something we extremely impressed. His analysis on current affairs, social, political, economy issues and the implications of geopolitics in the region and beyond the region where Ethiopia located on the Horne of Africa was amazing.

Sefiw, also invited us to his home and we went to his home to meet his lovely family. We had the best coffee in Ethiopia which was prepared by his beautiful wife. He also gave us a lot of valuable information about the other parts of the country .Generally, he is a wonderful ambassador for his country.   

 He was extremely exceeded our expectations and we are strongly recommended not only for people who stop over for few days but also for intensive documentary film makers and researchers on the area.

You can contact Sefiw, directly to make arrangements through his Email: Sefiw60@yahoo.com or mobile: +251- 911-91-37-59


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