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MENTIGI BAY overlooks Bali and the Gilis from the North West shore of Lombok.

INDONESIA is an island nation between South East Asia and Oceania. It is a tropical water wonderland of more than 15.000 islands of which 6000 are populated. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are the three enchanted coral Islands in the Lombok Strait and are one of the main diving attractions in Indonesia.

BALI & LOMBOK are the gemstones of the archipelago with sandy beaches, volcanoes, rice terraces and beautiful dive sites. Lombok is less developed and is considered to be a hidden beauty, even though the island boasts so many natural superlatives, vast stretches of sandy coral beaches, the highest volcano of the Indonesian archipelago and rainforests. Lombok is just a two hour boat ride or 20 minutes by air away from the sometimes overcrowded Bali. Lombok is also reached direct from any major European or Asian city arriving at its newly opened International Airport.

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